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About us

We Care about the Health of your Eyes

iTEES Eye Hospital was founded by a dedicated group of visionaries with a passion for providing exceptional eye care. Our mission is to integrate care, hope, and excellence to help individuals struggling with vision problems, especially those lacking the means to afford treatment. At iTEES Eye Hospital, we are committed to offering top-quality, compassionate eye care to ensure everyone has the opportunity to see the world clearly. Discover the difference at iTEES Eye Hospital, where your vision is our priority.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose
iTEES Eye Hospital?

Itees Eye Hospital is one of the top eye hospitals in Kerala. We ensure high excellence and patient satisfaction with the best eye specialists, patient-centric initiatives with experienced medical professionals, and modern technology. We are committed to offering the best eye care treatment for every eye disorder and disease with world-class ophthalmic care at an affordable cost. To provide advanced eye care with a holistic approach towards health care and contribute to the field of modern technology in ophthalmology, we have a We have a committed team of highly reputed ophthalmologists backed by experts in the field of paramedics in Malappuram, Kerala.

A True Devotion to Healing With Care

Our staff are passionate and devoted to the medical industry and have a wealth of experience in delivering the best eye care possible.

Healing Experiences For Everyone

We are committed to providing the best possible eye care for all our patients.We offer a variety of facilities to make sure that our patients get the care they need.

Touching lives with Healing Hands

Retinopathy may initially cause no symptoms or mild vision problems, but it can lead to blindness. We provide you with a treatment plan based on the severity of your retinopathy.

Advanced Technology

Experience leading-edge care at iTEES Eye Hospital. Our commitment to advanced technology ensures precise diagnoses and effective treatments, guaranteeing you receive the best possible care.

Our Mission & Vision


To eradicate avoidable blindness by providing accessible, high-quality eye care to all individuals in need, through cutting- edge medical treatments, patient centered-care, and community outreach programs with an emphasis on commitment to employee well-being and sustainability while continuously advancing the field of ophthalmology through research and education.


To Eradicate avoidable blindness through excellence in eye care, education, and research, providing accessible and comprehensive services to our patients and community.

Our Mission
Our Management

Our Management Team

Moideen IT Chairman ITees group of Companies
Mr. Mohammed Udaif IT
Mr. Mohammed Udaif IT Managing Director

At iTEES Eye Hospital, we are proud of our visionary leadership that drives our mission to provide top-quality eye care to our community. Our management team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in healthcare, administration, and eye care. Each member of our team brings a unique perspective and a deep commitment to improving patient outcomes.

Our leaders are not only experts in their respective fields but also passionate advocates for patient-centered care. They continuously strive to integrate the latest advancements in medical technology and practices into our services, ensuring that our patients receive cutting-edge treatments and care. Their dedication to lifelong learning and professional development ensures that iTEES Eye Hospital remains at the forefront of eye care innovation.



Our Patients Says

See what our patients have to say about their experiences at iTEES Eye Hospital. Discover firsthand accounts of compassionate care and life-changing results.

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